Architect - Engineer - Scientist - Builder

     Imagine, if you will, building your dream home - or corporate headquarters - in a world without architects. You could call upon the services of, say, a "Building Scientist." This highly trained professional would compile an impressive list of your requirements, hold many meetings, fill white boards with scary lingo, and hire a slew of building engineers and building developers. They divvy-up the roles of plumber, carpenter, mason and electrician, some taking multiple roles and proceed to erect their individual elements.
     Absurd, of course. At a purely intuitive level, we all know what is missing. The blueprint, the vision, the client advocate - the architect fulfilling the classical role. Incredibly, we are building information "homes" without true architects.
      At Simon Labs, we believe the analogy between building and software architecture is profound and holds the key to successful, client-driven software construction. The client deserves a true architect, understandable blueprints, and the consequent ability to validate and manage. Simon Labs is devoted to the practice of the profession of software architecture - as it should exist, as it has been practiced for centuries.

Only with an architectural approach are the
client’s expectations made a reality.