"Great artists need great clients"
I.M. Pei

I.M. Pei is our role model; his Louvre project, in particular, is a case study of an architect’s mission and day-to-day challenges. The citizenry of Paris rose against him, yet he prevailed with a strong client and a transcendent design rooted in a holistic, strategic vision. This dramatic story is an analogy for all the creative endeavors faced by business designers. That is, executives, planners, consultants, software architects, managers…many titles, all engaging in business design. By emulating architects, we acquire their ancient lessons and tools. Pei, at first, was told the Louvre needed a new entry and bathrooms, but a talented carpenter could have fulfilled that requirement. Pei’s big-picture view led to bold steps – altering all essential patterns, erecting “la pyramid” – enraging most, but in the end, profoundly enhancing how the museum is experienced by customers, employees, citizens, and the artists themselves. The analogy with business change is a perfect one. Simon Labs consultants and products bring this architectural worldview to business design. It begins with a client and architect, proceeds to a shared vision, is documented on true visual-language blueprints,  and results in a structure built true to the original design.

Only with an architectural approach are the
client’s expectations made a reality.